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CGR actively recruits volunteers to form teams around specific projects. Get involved and be part of our Volunteer team!

"Live with a purpose" 



People with an idea for a project can submit it to CGR and, if it is approved by the charity’s volunteer board of directors, then that team becomes responsible for the necessary fundraising to carry out their project.  CGR will lead a training session with team members to cover the vital information about both the organization’s mission and the specific location in which the project will take place, and then take on the role of networking agency on the ground, putting the project coordinators in touch with the leaders of the local community to assess and evaluate what that community’s specific needs are.


Assessing each project proposal is vital for our organization, in offering aid, to consult with the local leaders and find out what the context is.


Too many organizations in the past, have tried to offer assistance by going somewhere with assumptions and telling people what they need, sometimes with disastrous results.


Given the variety of contexts in which CGR works, not all of its efforts operate through volunteer teams on short-term vacations. In more dangerous settings, like war zones, the organization has to work through or help develop partner organizations.


CGR doesn't want to endanger the volunteers. The organization's "vacations with a purpose" more often work in safe zones with displaced peoples, or in areas where there is no active conflict. 

The organization never gets involved with a country’s ongoing political debate and cannot, according to international law, provide aid for combatants.


“We want to do good, there is a risk in everything but that should not stop you from doing good.”

                                                                                                                               Abraham Shepherd - Founder & CEO




"Due to current travel restrictions related to Covid-19, we are not able to use volunteers. However, if you are interested in future opportunities, please let us know and we will inform you when the borders re-open. Thank you for being willing to "Live-with-A-purpose"!



How can you help?

How can you help?

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