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CGR's motto is "Live with A purpose." We partner with local organizations to create development projects that provide relief for the unfortunate and displaced people of the world.



CGR makes every effort to ensure that all our projects are being carefully evaluated, executed, and continuously monitored. Oftentimes, what a community wants is not the same thing that the aid organizations might think. Therefore, we always see where the missing gap is to guarantee that our assistance is being channelled in the most efficient way possible.

The model of CGR is focused on transparency, accessibility, accountability, and doing good work in the world. CGR makes every effort to minimize administration expenses to maximize relief efforts using a holistic approach to relief and development programs in alleviating poverty by enabling individuals and communities to achieve a dignified, sustainable, and reproducible solution to their needs.

How Do We Do It?

Canadian Global Response actively recruits volunteers to form teams around specific projects. People with an idea for a project can submit here Volunteer Form. Once submitted, it must be approved by our Board of Directors, and the team becomes responsible for the necessary fundraising to carry out their project. Then, CGR will lead a training session that will include vital information about CGR's mission and the location of the project. As our organization will be the networking agency on-site, it is CGR's responsibility to put the project coordinators in contact with the local leaders in order to assess and evaluate the specific needs of that particular community.


Canadian Global Response works hand in hand with our partners to serve areas that we cannot reach alone ourselves. Our goal is to ensure that people have access to basic needs such as clean water, medicine/healthcare, shelter, blankets, household items and food.


We know that the individuals and families we help are people with dignity who have been uprooted due to natural disaster, war, or other tragic circumstances. They are smart and hard-working people looking for a safe place where they can prosper. We want to be a partner in this journey to rebuild their lives.

“We live with A purpose.”


Our mission would not be accomplished without our volunteer teams. In developing global projects, CGR is contributing to the well-being of many people who are in less favourable conditions. Take a look at what we do and how you can help us to continue to be able to demonstrate love and share a blessing to the poor and needy.





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