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Wildfires Response

CGR is actively collaborating with local partners in Alberta, Canada, to address immediate needs in response to the devastating wildfires and subsequent challenges affected communities face. 

Alberta Wildfire/Handout/Reuters

Photo credit: Alberta Government



Canada, Alberta


Stand with Alberta: Support Wildfire Relief Efforts Today


Devastating wildfires have engulfed over 850 square kilometres in Alberta, Canada, leading to the evacuation of nearly 25,000 individuals. The tireless efforts of firefighters, volunteers, and first responders on the front lines deserve our immense gratitude.


It's our turn to make a difference and stand by those affected. Our dedicated partners on the ground require assistance to help cover the costs of running evacuation centers. Together, we can provide the help they need. Let's make a positive impact today!


Join us in supporting Alberta's wildfire relief efforts by donating. Your contribution will provide essential resources and aid to the affected communities. Every dollar counts in helping them recover and rebuild their lives. Together, we can bring hope and support to those in need.


Live with a purpose!


When you support our DISASTER RELIEF Projects we are able to:

Mobilize people and resources quickly.

Help clean up and rebuild the areas affected.

Provide clean water and food when is need it.


"Give with A purpose"

Provide immediate relief and hope through different initiatives in Canada and abroad!

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