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Morocco Earthquake

CGR is working with local partners in Morocco to respond to immediate needs following the earthquake and subsequent aftershocks.


Morocco Earthquake

 On Friday night, September 8, a powerful magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains. Instantly, buildings were destroyed, and more than 1,000 lives were lost. More than 1,200 people have been injured. Most of the damage is in remote, mountainous villages that are hard to reach. The death toll is expected to rise, and search and rescue efforts continue.


CGR is working with local partners to assess the needs and determine a response. Please remember the people of Morocco as they process the physical and emotional devastation of the earthquake.


Your gifts to CGR’s Earthquake Relief – will help provide food, water, and shelter to communities recovering from the earthquake.


When you support our DISASTER RELIEF Projects we are able to:

Mobilize people and resources quickly.

Help clean up and rebuild the areas affected.

Provide clean water and food when is need it.


"Give with A purpose"

Provide immediate relief and hope through different initiatives in Canada and abroad!

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