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Syria: Today's Issues Are What Make Up Tomorrow's History

Written by a volunteer ... a voice of CGR

EDMONTON, AB—Syria has been swept into a storm of misfortune since the war began in 2011. I remember sitting at my desk in my grade 12 social studies class, listening to my teacher start off the day with a 15 minute discussion of current events. When the war started, my teacher would report to us how people were killing each other. It sounded so incredulous—too insane to imagine—but it also showed me how sheltered and privileged I was to be born in Canada. My teacher grabbed one of our textbooks from another student’s desk and held it up for the entire class to see. It was the 2011 edition, printed the previous year.

He said, “Current events are current to us now, but I want you all to remember that the issues we talk about today are what make up history in books like these tomorrow.”