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When people with a compassionate heart join us in this important cause, they are not only supporting the physical needs of the less fortunate, but they assist CGR in helping individuals and communities achieve a dignified, sustainable, and reproducible solution to their needs.


QUEBEC — Be an immigrant is a challenge by itself, even more, when you are in a strange country as a refugee simply because you can no longer continue in your country of origin eating your favourite foods, surrounded by your loved ones.

While talking with immigrants/refugees, our team realized many are not familiar with Canadian food products. Unfortunately, familiar products are either difficult to find or expensive. Many individuals lack cooking knowledge and receive a limited income to provide food. We want to help by providing a community kitchen/cooking course at our church premises. This ten-week course will be three-hour sessions and occur once a month. There will be no charge for the food prepared, and we can have up to 15 adults per course. After preparing several meals, every individual will have the ability to gain proper cooking skills.

You can find more info and updates about this program following their Facebook link:


When you Support our COMMUNITY

KITCHEN (QUEBEC) project we are able to:

Provide proper culinary education.

Assist in training individuals.

Help provide essential resources.


"Give with a Purpose"

Provide immediate relief and hope through different initiatives in Canada and abroad!

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