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When people with a compassionate heart join us in this important cause, they are not only supporting physical needs of the less fortunate, but they assist CGR in helping individuals and communities achieve a dignified, sustainable, and reproducible solution to their needs.


ATHENS, GREECE—"Most refugees have fled unrelenting war."

One way we take action is through our volunteers. Volunteers partner with CGR assisting a local team (who are refugees themselves) both physically and through serving refugees in and around downtown Athens, Greece. Our teams bring resources such as medicine/ medical-related needs, hygiene kits, diapers, shoes, clothes, rain jackets, food and water among other things to refugees in their homes (squats, abandoned buildings, or tents). In addition, we offer ministry to children in the area of trauma care through sports and fun activities. 


In addition, our local team seeks to provide shelter for the poor and destitute. We need your help to continue our SHELTER PROJECT, as more and more refugees find themselves homeless. This project enables us to get many single mothers and families with small children out of the streets, living in a dignified shelter. Unfortunately, the list is growing, and the shelters are few. Our goal is to provide shelter for 6 months, as this allows time for trauma healing and time for a family to plan next steps. Will you help us?




When you Support our REFUGEE CRISIS IN GREECE project we are able to:

Assist displaced individuals in need of medical attention. 

Offer support in the area of trauma care.

Provide clean water, food, and other essential needs.


"Give with a Purpose"

Provide immediate relief and hope through different initiatives in Canada and abroad!