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When people with a compassionate heart join us in this important cause, they are not only supporting physical needs of the less fortunate, but they assist CGR in helping individuals and communities achieve a dignified, sustainable, and reproducible solution to their needs.


VENEZUELA — “One of the richest countries in Latin America, with the largest reserves of oil and other minerals, is now among the poorest countries in the world."   

With the greatest reserve of land and water, now it’s people are starving and many of them are in garbage dumps looking for food to eat. There is no production of basic food or of livestock because of the misuse of the land. 


Venezuela was a country where people lived adequate lifestyles, it now has the largest inflation in the world. According to the latest figures of the central bank of the country, it is estimated Venezuela will reach inflation of 10,000,000% by the end of 2019. 

The minimum wage for those that can find work is $ 5 per month. Barely enough to buy food for their families. For example, a chicken can cost $ 2 or beef $ 3, and people earn $ 5. When I hear these statistics I think, how are they surviving? The answer: they aren’t. 


What do they do for food, clothes, medicine, schools? They can’t afford it and they can’t find it.


In Venezuela people are dying of hunger, there are no medicines for hospitals, many people die due to lack of treatments ... public services have collapsed. Dozens of people died as a result of the power outage crisis in March of this year, many were newborn babies that were dependent on ventilators and other life support machines. There was no power to keep the machines running. 


Venezuela, in the past,  produced almost four million barrels of oil per day, now it does not reach half a million and most of it is compromised. Fuel is hard to come by. People have to line up for up to three days to fill up. The cars are deteriorating and there are no spare parts because they are very expensive.   


 People are experiencing dangerous levels of depression and are losing hope. Those that can leave are fleeing to neighbouring countries to try and find jobs to be able to send money back to their families. 


At this moment there are almost six million Venezuelans out of the country that has left in the last years. This has created a new refugee crisis, much like what we have seen in Syria and other countries. 


What my country is living in is the greatest tragedy a nation can experience. The Venezuelan people had everything and didn’t leave the country. Now they live with the memory of what they have lost, many as refugees in a foreign country. 


One way our organization helps alleviate crisis is through “Soup of Love,” a project located in San Fernando de Apure, Venezuela. This project allows us to provide a meal for those experiencing starvation. 42 volunteers are mobilized per month and are able to feed approximately 350 to 400 people. Project expenses include ingredients, COVID-19 protective equipment, cooking utensils, and gasoline for travel.

Cost details are listed below: 

  • The cost of one bowl of soup is $ 0.11 CAD. 

  • Pack of reusable latex gloves (100 units) 26 $ CAD

  • Antibacterial gel 640 ml: $ 3.5 CAD.

  • Anti-covid lens typeface shield, $ 1.5 CAD

  • KN95 biosafety masks $ 8.5 CAD (10 units). 

  • Cleaning detergent, chlorine, disinfectant $ 3 CAD (1 litre).


So, What can we do


Give: so that people in Venezuela can have access to the basic necessities that we sometimes take for granted. That they are seen, loved and heard. CGR is matching every $1 given to this project. That means that your donation will double. 



Canadian Global Response is partnering with Together We Can Help, one of the humanitarian aid programs of the Venezuelan Canadian Association of Calgary (VCAC). This program is meant to alleviate Venezuelan Crisis for the lack of medicines, lack of Personal Protective Equipment to prevent the medical staff from the COVID-19 Virus, also, to provide support for sick people of Cancer in their treatment. 


When you Support our VENEZUELA RELIEF project we are able to:

Provide proper medical treatments.

Help distribute food, clean water, and clothing.

Give hope to the less fortunate.


"Give with a Purpose"

Provide immediate relief and hope through different initiatives in Canada and abroad!

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